Five Items I am Not Waiting Around to Wear- or Buy


Believe it or not, an under-$30 purchase, to me, still requires some sort of thoughtful consideration, let alone an item that requires a whole paycheck. Its not often where you will find me impulsively buying something without even considering where I would wear it or how much it is…until now. With spring fashion on my mind, it’s time I start stocking up on the latest collections, which is full of updates on some of my older favorites. From coveted athleisure (able to be worn essentially anywhere) to balloon sleeve blouses perfect for springtime dressing, these five on-trend items are no brainers and will now be vulnerable to your PayPal accounts. Below are my latest buys and some outfit ideas to go along with them.




ITEM: RIXO Sienna Dress

Pair with: Mules and, if worn as a top, straight jeans

Photo: @samimiro via Instagram

Photo: @samimiro via Instagram