The Source


Liz for short. From all the way in the southern city of Charleston, SC, Liz has made it from styling, creating, and trend searching to creating an outlet for everything she knows best. She aspires to release a unique and beautiful self within each human being through raw expression and complete freewill. Elizabeth has always strove to surpass her boundaries to get to where she wants to be. Whether it be health related, beauty related, or to strive to better her style, this pulled Liz into the blogging world. She continues to cultivate inspiration from innovative and modern designs to spread them with all of her readers. With that, she hopes you come to love Issue N° E.


Issue N° E believes that uniqueness is a strength, not a weakness. The Issue's mission is to make a difference by enhancing self image and nourishing self expression. The innovative, modernistic culture surrounding and influencing our conscious is presented through E's creativity and articles. Issue N° E values each and every human being and intends to highlight their beauty and strength while spreading happiness and overall wellbeing. Thus, came about a blog with a careful balance between serious and playful, volume and tailored, raw and refined. A new look, a new trend, a new topic. Every girl's number one issue.

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