My 14 Latest Instagram Saves: What and Why


It never occurred to me importance and, honestly, the convenience of having an organized Instagram collection until someone asked to see my Saves while I was aimlessly scrolling through my feed beside them. With much excitement, they came across multiple albums perfectly labeled with which it comprised of “Instagram Saves Goals”, as they quoted. I loved using this feature to compose anything from funny memes (that are probably only funny to me) to style inspirations into albums, but I never thought about what others saved and how fun it actually was looking through their own “Instagram Lenses”. Since then, I have been intrigued as to what others save and why, and have decided to share some of my recent saves as well. Keep scrolling to see and shop the most recent items I currently have in my Instagram collections.




“I’ve been looking for a cool sneaker and these sneakers are really speaking to me.”

Sport the sneaks

“Because Josefine can do no wrong.”

Buy The Belt Bag

“These Acne’s are at the top of my Wishlist as of right now.”

Shop ACNE Studios

“EÉRA is about to be the next “It” jewelry brand and I am totally here for it.”

Discover the brand

@lespetitsjoueurs X LuisaViaRoma, SHINE BABY SHINE.”

Shop The Drop

"I didn't think I needed more gold jewelry, but clearly I was mistaken."

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"It's not often I feel a desire to change up my makeup look, but when I do, it's because Rosie HW did it."

See this Hero Product in action

“This top is a closet must-have, no less.”

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“Outfit Inspo: Channeling Arab Barbie.”

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“my girls and I do our own stunts.”

(Text your friends to plan your next GNO)

“For those stunning steel windows and some home redecorating Inpso, both of which I don’t have.”

Meet the masterminds

“Everything about this picture screams Paris. From the dress to the backdrop.”

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"Look how effortlessly cool she looks. I want to look this cool!" 

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“I’m BUYING this dress AS WE SPEAK, I hope you know that.”

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