The Best Non-Toxic SPFs

@shaymitchell via Instagram

@shaymitchell via Instagram

If you haven’t already heard that applying SPF is imperative to incorporate in your daily routine, then now you know. Not only does SPF protect your skin from the current beaming sun-rays, but the ride-or-die product has long-term benefits as well; reduced wrinkles, defense from skin cancer, the list goes on. However, what conventional sunscreen brands don’t promote on their bottles are the number of chemicals in their products. Chemicals, like Oxybenzone, can act as hormone disrupters which is considered a form of synthetic estrogen. We use sunscreen to avoid the detrimental effects of UV radiation, so it is no surprise that, as consumers, we want to avoid absorbing numerous chemicals in our skin that could potentially harm us as well. Luckily, each year we are seeing more brands embracing the importance of clean formulas, including many sun-care lines.

It isn’t new news that I love purchasing my all-natural products from places like Aillea, but for those who don't know where to start, I am sharing a list of non-toxic SPF options to use daily, rain or shine.