Memo From Elizabeth: Happiness is a Choice

Photo: @artbyelizabethb

Photo: @artbyelizabethb


I have come to one realization: my life isn’t perfect and neither is anyone else’s. It might not seem that way all the time but everyone deals with something, whether you know it or not. What I have learned from my hardships and my life is that you always have a choice. You have the choice to be happy, you have the choice to be sad, you have the choice to be yourself. Question is- Why is it so hard to be comfortable with yourself? Why is it so hard to be accepting? And why is it so hard to be happy? In today’s society, It can be really easy to point out the things you don’t have or the way you don’t look. Being surrounded with constant unrealistic expectations and negativity can have detrimental impacts to one’s wellbeing. Yet, being authentic and having a strong backbone can also have a large impact as well. It is that path you select that creates that life-long domino effect.


Since starting this blog, I have used this as an outlet to not only display my creative work, but to also reveal everything that I love, I stand for, and that I am passionate about. Throughout my life, no matter how hard things seemed to be going, I always turned to my blog, I turned to something that reassured to me that I am good enough and it was a tangible reminder of my authenticity and what I am capable of becoming; Something that I chose for myself. It can be hard finding individuality while living in a world that aimlessly reaches for some sort of “approval” or “perfection”. It is the lie we tell ourselves to achieve. It is a happiness we will never feel. It is the life we will never fully live. But my challenge to everyone who reads this is this: Set your own standards for yourself and achieve your own definition of happiness. Create your own path…and never, EVER apologize for that.